Mei's Own X Art Faculty

Since I moved back from Manila because of the pandemic, my heart was searching for a way to meaningfully give back to my community at home, here in Singapore. Growing up, I didn't know what autism was. I only knew that the kids on the autism spectrum were labelled as "different" and were constantly isolated as a result. Looking back, I was very ashamed at my own ignorance and impatience.. I wish I knew better. As the years passed and I started to learn more about individuals on the autism spectrum, I realised how incredibly brave and confident many of these individuals are. I admire them and their undeniable creativity. I think it's about time we start celebrating our differences instead of drawing lines around them. 

Unlike most people who decide to start a baby collection, I am not a mother. I am however, a very, very doting auntie and have been since the 1st of July, 2020. This is my little love letter to my niece, Sena. I hope that I can continue making things for her and tell her the stories I've collected so far while she's been growing up. This project and this collaboration with Art Faculty is part and parcel of my journey as an individual and a Singaporean finding her way and making a stand for something I believe in. We have to support local artists. We have to educate our children about the world around them and tell them everything we know. 

I don't know what opinions Sena and I share yet. She can't really say anything but I am very proud of her already and I know that she will grow to be an even better person than I am. 

Thank you Art Faculty for trusting me with your art. Each purchase from this collection contributes to royalties earned by the artist. 



A Little More About The Artists


FONG BOK LOONG, Illustrated Char Siew Baos 

Combining his interest in cuisines and his talent in observational drawing, Bok Loong illustrates delicious food so realistically, we can almost taste them! His keen attention to detail is also evident in his carefully drawn architecture and nature artwork. A self-proclaimed perfectionist who must get every detailing just right, Bok Loong has turned this autism trait into a talent!


CAI FU EN JONATHAN, Illustrated Singapore's Shophouses 

Jonathan indulges in detailed still life and architectural line-art. From capturing the minute detailing on a tiny object, to tall, monumental towers of glass and steel, he takes them on with gumption. Jonathan is very particular with his line work – precise, clean, and done accurately.


CHESTER SIM, Illustrated Paper Planes

Chester makes toys and cool hybrid creatures by combining retro toy parts and sculpting them with resin. He also creates digital art and draws conceptual art pieces


SEETOH SHENG JIE, Illustrated Dinosaurs 

Sheng Jie is extremely pedantic about dinosaurs – the spelling of their full paleontological names, their detailed expressions captured in the miniature replicas he creates – everything must be done just right. No reference books are used. All his figurines and illustrations created from his personal knowledge.

Written by Rebecca Eu
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