Mei means "little sister" in mandarin and our name is a play on the word Maison, or "house" in French. Even though I’m Singaporean and eat/ breathe durian, Manila is a second home for me. I started this project many years ago and this journey has been anything but smooth sailing ever since I first stepped foot in the Philippines.

What started as a volunteer effort eventually turned into a small social enterprise project to better support survivors of sex trafficking and artisans I work with. I realised that even after these beneficiaries are rescued & rehabilitated from their ordeal, their lives often don’t change. Sometimes, they have nowhere to go and no one to take care of them after being rescued. In a country where an estimated 200,000 children are being trafficked every year, their voices and stories get lost and forgotten, fuelling a cycle of poverty that seems to laugh at their dream of getting out. It is cruel and I am not for it.

I work with talented and capable individuals. Together, we want to help you fill your home with beautiful things. I hope these pieces bring you as much joy in owning them as it has given me in their creation.

With Love,

Rebecca Eu x